What’s the story

Street Stock is a streetwear business that aims to give people the chance to get hold of some of the most limited and sought-after streetwear in the world.

The business was started out of personal frustration when buying streetwear online due to misleading sellers, products and not being able to find the right deal.

We aim to create a platform for people to safely buy streetwear and not be worried about getting a shock of its condition or authenticity as we detail the condition of each and every product as well as authenticating every product that passes though our website.

We also enable customers to let us know what piece they are looking for, so we can source the right product at the right price for them. This creates a stress-free and enjoyable way to shop.

In the future we aim to convert this idea to the public with a marketplace where by you can sell your own streetwear or buy from others without worrying about buying fake or inaccurate products.